We hereby introduce a new-opened Comfortable, quiet and relaxing Japanese-style guest house.
We welcome you in Japanese, English and Chinese.

Comfort stay GOYUKKURI

| Type of rooms (total capacity:7 guests)

  1. Garden view flooring bed room with one single bed ( for 1 guest) (22.5 square meters)
  2. Garden view flooring with one single bed and Japanese style tatami room with five futons ( for 6 guests) (56.0 square meters)

| Also we provide

Each room has free TV & wifi, air-conditioning and the sharing space contains :
kitchen, cooking supplies, dining space, living room, bathroom, restroom, washroom and laundry. We do not offer meals : but please do not worry.
Here in Okinawa southern area including Itoman, there are lots of restaurants, groceries and markets. You can buy fresh seafoods and vegitables at super markets and farmer/fisherman’s market nearby and can cook by yourself whatever you want at GOYUKKURI.
At the entrance of GOYUKKURI, there are lots of beautiful flowers and plants such as hibisucus, palm tree, and the grasses, so you can feel southern tastful.
You can take only 10 minutes walk from GOYUKKURI to Odo beach.
Odo beach is a well known shore as an Okinawan old battlefield park here in Itoman .
You can enjoy a lot of things on the beach, such as go swimming, playing at the rocky shore, snorkeling, diving and surfin and more, at the beginning of May to mid. of November in the long summer season of Okinawa.

| How to go to GOYUKKURI

  1. Rent a car is the easiest way, about 30 min. from NAHA airport to GOYUKKURI.
    Parking lots for 3 vehicles are available.
  2. You can ride a public bus but it may be inconvenience because it takes almost 120 min. at longest.
    Take Monorail from the aiport to Akamine Sta. takes 5 min. → Get on the local No.89 bus from Akamine Sta. to Itoman Bus terminal terminal takes 30 min. → Transfter on No.82 bus from Itoman Bus terminal to Seimei Hospital takes 30 min.
    total required time is about 90 ~ 120 min. including transfer time.
    If you can not choose in above 2 ways, please contact us in advance.
    If the staff is ok, you may bepicked up you from NAHA airport or any other places in Naha City area by chance !
    In this case, fees will be charged.

| Accommodation charges

We have seasonality prices.

Western Room (capacity : 1 person )

(A) ordinary season \5,000.-

(B) peak season \5,500.- (from Jul. to Sep.)

(C) top season \6,000.- (1st week of May / 2nd week of Aug. / from Dec.28-Jan.3)

Japanese Tatami Room (capacity : maximum 6 person)

(A) Reguar season

for 1 person / each \7,000.-

for 2 person / each \6,000.-

for 3 person / each \5,000.-

for 4 person / each \4,000.-

for 5 person / each \3,000.-

for 6 person / each \3,000.-

(B) Peak season

for 1 person / each \7,500.-

for 2 person / each \6,500.-

for 3 person / each \5,500.-

for 4 person / each \4,500.-

for 5 person / each \3,500.-

for 6 person / each \3,500.-

(C) Top season

for 1 person / each \8,500.-

for 2 person / each \7,500.-

for 3 person / each \6,500.-

for 4 person / each \5,500.-

for 5 person / each \4,500.-

for 6 person / each \4,500.-

Please note :

The dates for every single year slightly changes.

For accomondation details, please take a look for booking website

   (booking.com, expedia, airbnb, rakuten traven, etc).

1.Preschool child is free

   (if they don’t use bedding or they can sleep with their mother/father in one bedding),

in case of accompanied by the guest adult party.

   2. 20 % off for more than 2 nights for any numbers of guest.

| Check in/out

Check in time
From 15:00, at latest 21:00. but here in Odo, night time is very quiet and dark so we suggest you come until 19:00.

Check out time
12:00 at noon. Check out time 12:00 at noon.